Our TV experience is extensive and spans client, sales and agency disciplines. 

With experience on our side, we have a deep understanding of the TV viewer: how, why, where and when they engage. This, combined with our understanding of dual-screening habits and our competitive pricing, has resulted in a portfolio of successful, happy and growing TV clients.

As well as subscribing to industry standard systems, we have take our analysis to the next level by developing our very own bespoke TV analysis system, Ensemble. The level of detailed analysis we are able to garner using Ensemble allows our clients to get ahead of their competitors, ensuring campaigns are as efficient as possible.

Our sophisticated system takes into account the fact that each station, day-of-week and time-of-day behaves differently, so response cannot be distributed by the same methods to each media variable. We have a strong understanding of each station’s typical response and engagement patterns, and also how people consume and react to media across the days and weeks.

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