Approach to planning

We have a five step planning process that we undertake for all our clients based on the following:

Step 1: Challenge

We work closely with our clients to establish the challenge that is facing their business on a short and long-term basis.

Step 2: Insight

Through smart research, our strategy team identifies unique insights that will form the basis of the media campaign and deliver against the challenges agreed in step 1.

Step 3: Strategy

The unique insights will help inform a differentiated strategy which will provide cut-through and results.

Step 4: Solution

This step provides a detailed campaign plan based on the insights and research agreed in the previous steps. The plan will include projected results and sales against the agreed targets.

Step 5: Measures

We have systems in place that will optimise the performance of your campaign on a daily basis. We provide weekly and monthly campaign analyses constantly refining and improving the media performance in line with objectives.